Tips on Bridal Trousseau by Finest Linens and Things

Your bed is the place you will share the deepest love with your new husband. You bed linens must be of good quality and well selected. So, you will always have a inviting bed for love and endless passion.

Perfect Trousseaux for a bridal Registry.

- 1 Sheet Set made of pure cotton
(white or color, high thread-count)
- 1 Sheet Set monogrammed the couples initials (white or color, high tread-count)
- 1 Duvet Cover to match the plain sheet set
- 1 Duvet Cover to match the monogrammed sheet set
- 1 Mixed & Match pure cotton Sheet Set
(combination color you like)
- 1 Matelasse Bedspread
- 1 Handmade Quilt
(French or American style to match your sheets choices)
- 2 Bed skirts to match your bedding choices
- 4 pillows protectors
- 2 pillows king size
(down pillows recommended or Silk filled for allergies)
- 2 Pillows Queen/Standard (down pillow recommended or Silk filled for allergies)
- 1 Down comforter (to match your lifestyle or Silk Comforter for allergies)
- 1 Down Blanket (for summer time - or Quilt bed cover as option)
- 1 Blanket (cotton, wool, Cashmere, or mohair)
- 2 Bathrobes
(monogramming option)
- 4 Bath rugs
- 4 Sets of Bath Towels monogrammed
- 4 Sets of Bath Towels plain
- 4 Bathtub rugs
- 8 Hand Towels
(plain or monogrammed)
- 8 Guest Towels
- 1 Mattress Pad (if necessary)
- 1 Formal Tablecloth with coordinating napkins
- 1 Casual Tablecloth
- 12 Placemats
- 24 Napkins
(mix & matching)
- 1 Laundry Bag
- 1 Lingerie Bag
- 6 Kitchen Towels


- Euro Square Pillow, Euro Pillow Protector, Euro Shams (matching your linens)
- Silk Sheets Sets (silk duvet cover as option)
- Linen Sheets Sets
(Linen Duvet Cover as option)
- Patterned Duvet Cover
- Square Quilt Modern Bedcover (plain or patterned)
- Patterned Bath Towels
- Patterned Sheets
- Lace inserted Sheets & Duvet Cover
- Patterned Bath Robes

For help and details please contact Finest Linens and Things, they a supportive wedding registry concierge.