Making the Bed with Deamy Linens

Dispite of what people think in now days that tread-count is number one priority for luxury bedding, you may be surprice to know that tread count has nothing to do with luxury linens. According to the Manager of Finest Linens and Things in Florida store, Ms. Marcia Baracaldo says "low quality bedding bedding are made with High tread count.

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Now that you read about tread count. Lets tak about the best brand you can trust for luxury linens. Means where you're going to get the real deal.

Sferra Linens If Jackie Onassis were a bed, she would be a sferra bed. The 115-year-old Italian company is know for its ecletic mixture of solids, stripes and patters that look as if someone has meticulously culled the best sheets, shams, blankets and duvet covers to create an effortlessly chic bed. Sferra has over 50 different styles of sheets in five different fabrics, including linen and 1,020-tread-count jacquard, as well as quilted cotton and cashmere blankets, the company's well round inventorory amounts to finished product that looks pulled together but never overdone. Prices from $45 to $1,250; Limited-edition sets $are $14,0000.

Ann Gish The practical elegance of Ann Gish's linens rests in her ability to create 100 percent silk sheets that are also 100 percent machine washable. The sheets are offered in an array of colors, from brights to neutrals, and are available in solid silk with the option of an embroidered or contrasting color band. Ann Gish also offeres cotton sateen sheets with interchangeable silk bands that wrap around the edges of the fitted sheet and pillowcases so that the sheets can quickly transform to match differents quilts and comfortes Prices from $35 to $1,4000.

Ankasa The husband-and-wife team of Sachin and babi Ahluwalia had beem designing textiles for 10 years for companies like Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wang when they realized that when it come to bedding, nothing complemented their fashion-foward syle. To fill the void, they launched Ankasa two years ago with three different collection. The company offers now offers 20 different ansembles that range from the all-white, hand-embroidered Snow Drift to Casablanca, with conch shell embroidery and batik beadwork. Prices from $65 to $2,500.