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Ad Age is out today with a report
suggesting discounters of all stripes -- Wal-Mart, Southwest Airlines and Dell held up as the most prominent examples -- might have put their best days behind them.

Each helped drive several of their weaker competitors out of business, into bankruptcy or into one another's arms. But many of their remaining competitors have learned how to chip away at price gaps while offering something beyond price -- be it style, convenience, quality or service.

"It's tough to compete on price alone," said Ralph Blessing, principal with the consulting firm Arbor Strategy Group in Chicago. "Our surveys show people increasingly are unwilling to sacrifice quality in the shopping experience or in customer service just for the sake of price. They expect you to do both."

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Fine Luxury Linens For Any Budget at Finest Linens and Things

Find luxury Linens with affordable prices isn't difficult at Finest Linens and Things.

Finest Linens and Things stores offers customers fine imports from all Europe.

Brands like Yves Delorme, Sferra Bros among the ultimate Luxury and Finest Linens and Things own brand of Portuguese made exclusives.

"Today buyers demand quality and low prices", says Finest Linens and Things store manager at the Miami's Store.

Fine Mohair Throw by Finest Linens and Things

Extra Fine Mohair Throw are the ultimate gift choice for gifts of any occasion. Finest Linens and Things stock them in 3 different colors. All made in Ireland.

Red Flower Pot by Finest Linens and Things

Beautiful, elegant, inspiring is the way to describe this flower pot, made of ceramic, shaped by hand. Imported from Italy.
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William Yeoward in the USA promoting his book by Finest Linens and Things

Where: Kappa Kappa Gamma's 13th annual Tablescapes by Candlelight fundraiser at the Dallas Country Club, 4110 Beverly Drive6:30 p.m. ($150); and a ***** reception with buffet, 7:30 p.m. ($115) Monday.Why go? Meet Mr. Yeoward, purchase his book and get his autograph. And view more than 60 tablet by Finest Linens and Thin

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Linens Wash and Dust Mite Elimination by Finest Linens and Things

A new Korean study showed that washing linens in a 140 F water killed nearly all dust mites, whereas warm (110F) or cold (86F) water eliminated only 10% or less of them.

For fabrics that can't tolerate hot water, use warm or cold but you will need at least 3 rinses to effectively remove dust mites.

And, since scents can aggravate allergies, use a fragrance free detergents like: All Free ($6.00 at grocery stores)

pop non-machine washable items like a stuffed animal into a ziploc bag and leave it in the freeze overnight.

The lack of humidity kills dust mites.

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Decorative Lights for Outdoor our Indoor @ Finest Linens and Things

Decorative outdoor and indoor lights, multi use and highly decorative, imported from Italy and designed to fit and use in multiples ways.

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