Cotton Now but 'till When? by Finest Linens and Things

Cotton may still be king for queen-size sheets, but other lively plants may soon be usurping the throne.

Thanks to Technology, we now have many options for bedding for exemplo:

HomeSource International's bamboo-fiber sheets, which are naturally antibacterial. The same company offers 100 percent cotton sheets that slowly release moisturizing aloe vera extract while you sleep (both about $165/queen set). . . .

Seaweed is woven into the pima-cotton fiber of bed linens by Divatex Home Fashions to promote the active exchange of nutrients like calcium, magnesium and vitamin E from the fabric to your skin ($200/queen set). . . .

Ecologically friendly and surprisingly soft, these 100 percent hemp sheets by Ecolution are produced in Transylvania, where the only by-product they leave is a bit of hot water and perhaps an envious vampire ($290/queen set). All these linens are machine washable.

You can find these linens at Finest Linens and Things