Big Companies Selling Big Bad Quality Bedding by Finest Linens and Things

Now days bedding seemed to be coming from everywhere in the big department stores retailers. They just go to Asia countries and buy the cheapest bedding made in China, India, or only God knows for the wholesale price of $1,00 to $20,00 a set and make great profit and still give the consumers the so called "discount bedding" prices, said Finest Linens and Things stores manager.

Do cheap bedding worth? Will it last longer enough that the first wash or dry cleaner? In most cases it will not and you will soon become disappointed and even angry to to blame the whole world. As it just happened to DESIGNER BONER as you can read in her blogs.

Another example to share was with Le Creuset Pans imitation. STOMPER GIRL here asked for a Le Creuset Casserole end received Maxwell Williams and things went pretty dirty in here kitchen.

I welcome you to read thier blogs and judge for yourselves.

Let's don't be fooled by quality!